Zia's Gelateria Artigianale
Zia's Gelateria Artigianale
About Zia's
What does Zia's Mean?
Zia is the Italian word for “Aunt”. Zia’s was named for the many aunts that are important in the life of the owner and founder Shari Coia Fulton. Shari is also called “Zia” by her own nieces. Zia’s is meant to evoke the special feeling one gets when going to a favorite aunt’s house to relax and enjoy a special treat.
Who is the founder of Zia's
Shari Coia Fulton is the founder of Zia’s. Shari is the grand-daughter of Italian immigrants, and lived for four years as a young adult in the northern Veneto region in Vicenza, Italy. Shari’s grandparents were from the Molise and Le Marche regions of Italy. She is fluent in the Italian language and shares the passion and knowledge Italians have for quality artisan products like gelato, espresso, fine wines and fresh foods. She cultivated this passion by interning in the coffee business with upscale El Dorado Hills Sartory Coffee in early 2008. Shari then attended The American Barista & Coffee School in Portland, OR, where she achieved certification in the Business & Barista Training Program. She has attended various Coffee Trade Shows and several workshops in commercial gelato production. Shari and her husband Tom traveled back to Italy to research and expand their gelato knowledge, and completed additional artisan gelato and frozen dessert training courses here in the US.

Zia’s is inspired by Shari’s beautiful nieces, who also share a passion for gelato, espresso, and all things related to their Italian heritage. Shari also takes inspiration and guidance from her Zia Eleanor, owner of the Elegant Flour Bakery in Merrimack, NH.

Shari has built relationships with some of the best gelato artisans, and strives to keep current with recipes, techniques and products while still remaining dedicated to Italian traditions, honoring her family and heritage.
Interested in joining the Zia's Family?
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