Zia's Gelateria Artigianale
Zia's Gelateria Artigianale
Gelato is the Italian word meaning “frozen”. It is also what Italians call the frozen treats most closely resembling American Ice Cream.
Flavors - Our flavors will continually change with the seasons. The images below show our starting flavors.
Sorbetto is a type of gelato that does not contain dairy or milk. Typically, almost all fruit flavors are made from water, sugar and fruit, with no milk added.
Flavors - Local seasonal fruits are used to make our sorbettos. The exoctic fruit sorbettos are our exception and they are made from the highest quality french purees.
Gelato vs. Ice Cream
  • Gelato has a lower fat content. On average, the fat content in gelato varies from 6%-10%. The fat content in American Ice Cream varies from 18%-24%, sometimes even reaching up to 38% in the super premium flavors.
  • Gelato has less air incorporated into it during the freezing process. A total of 25% of air is introduced during churning compared to 100% in American Ice Cream. The result is a richer and denser product. You’re eating more product and less air!
  • Gelato is displayed at a warmer temperature – served at 5 degrees F versus -10 degrees F for ice cream. This results in a smoother texture, and taste buds are able to enjoy flavors without becoming numb due to the cold temperature.
  • Gelato is made in small batches throughout the day for immediate consumption, resulting in a fresher product.
  • Gelato is beautifully displayed in stainless steel containers to facilitate the viewing of all the amazing flavors.
Our gelato is made the Italian way, from authentic recipes using time-honored, artisan techniques.
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